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Colombia has a global reputation for being the finest coffee growing country. The Colombian coffee beans have the most authentic and enriched in taste.

Colombia is currently the third-largest coffee manufacturer in the world and had been so, since 1790.The Supremo coffee of Columbia is celebrated for its exotic chocolaty and elusive flavour.

The source of this coffee is Medelin, and it has a bitter-sweet taste of caffeine as a filter and a sweet-cheerful zest as an espresso. Its diversity and aromatic aptness make it the best choice to enjoy, anywhere, anytime, and in whatever quantity you desire.



250g, 1kg


Beans, Espresso, Filter, Cafetiere

3 reviews for Colombia

  1. John

    Nice and rich flavour. I have tried this coffee in the filter and it taste amazing.

  2. Paul

    I drink alot of coffee, I would be buying the jars that are on offer for £5 weekly, and still find myself having to nip to the local shop for more in between.
    So decided to see if I could buy in bulk and came across Capasoni coffee subscription.
    Great value for money, my favourite coffee now.

  3. Janet

    I really like Capasoni coffee but up to now have been buying the Jars which works out very costly so I changed to the 1KG bags which last for over a month. It looks a pricey item when you look at it but when you realize its last that amount of time when you are heavy coffee drinker.

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